Thursday, April 11, 2013


Something new that I am going to start doing is posting one of my poems and one of my moms poems.
I won't do this very often, though. I'll probably do it once a month.

This is my moms poem:

There's a  hole inside my heart
that some day God will fill.
There are many days I really wish
that time could just stand still.
Part of me doesn't want to live,
it only wants to die.
I get so very frustrated
and all I can do is cry.
It's not that I want to 'die'
I know that isn't the key;
life on earth can be so frustrating;
heaven is where I long to be.
We were made to live on earth
for just a little while.
The thought of entering heaven
always makes me smile
I'll keep going with this hole in my heart
and god's grace will see me through
I'll listen carefully for His voice
that will tell me what to do.

This is my poem.


Why is there so much pain in this world? 
How can we make it go away? 
Why does it feel like God is so distant?
God, please don’t let us fall astray 
We all need to recognize
that God is here
He will never let us go
He is always near
This pain in our life 
could be a sign
This pain could be telling us
That God wants us to shine
We need to use our pain
and turn it around 
God wants us to let people know
that good can be found. 
Even though there is brokenness in this world 
God has everything planned
He will hold us all up
In his majestic mighty hand. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break

I went to Florida over spring break with my friend and her family, so here are some pictures!

I wanted to prove that I could have a little bit of energy at 4:30 in the morning :)

My dad got our family a new car when I was in Florida, and now I am able to drive this smaller car instead of our old van that is so big!