Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dutch Dance

Last week for Tulip Time, I dutch danced. I dutch danced a total of 17 times! It was a crazy week. I was going to update this blog last week but I could barely find the time to do my homework, so I didn't end up getting to it. I also do softball. I actually injured my ankle pretty badly a couple weeks ago. I was up to bat and the pitcher pitched the ball to me and it hit my ankle. Then, again in the next inning, I went up to bat again and I got hit in the same spot with the ball.  My ankle was so swollen, it was crazy! I had to wear this air cast for a while. I was out for a couple weeks but I just got to start playing again today! I'm not very good at softball but it's been a good experience playing on the team and I'm glad I did it!
Here are some pictures from dutch dancing.