Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22

I can’t go on now
without you beside me
I feel like God isn’t even there
like He promised he would be 
I can’t do anything
I want you here
mom, right now
I don’t think that even God is near
how am I supposed to go to school
how am I supposed to carry on? 
God, if you're out there
please, please, help this pain be gone. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16

Emily (my sister) turned 8 on Saturday. I planned a Disney themed birthday party for her! We had 11 first grade girls at our house... it was crazy! But, it was really fun and turned out really great.

I'm in soccer, and today we had to head a soccer ball into the net... sliding through a pit of mud! Here's a picture of how our team looked after this.

We are writing a poem in Language Arts about where we are from. The directions are just to write something that makes sense to you... it doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever to anyone else! So, here's what I wrote:

I’m from
I’m from the “I love you’s” 
that could last a lifetime
the unforgettable love
that reaches to the sky
I’m from the kisses to my hands 
every night I left 
I’m from the late hot chocolate nights
that will never happen again. 
I’m from a tragic experience
from the cries during the night
from the last time I saw her
in the horrible hospice room.
I’m from the last “I love you”
that I wish to hear again
but I never will 
until the miraculous day I see her
behind Heavens gates. 
I’m from a God 
who carries me through the dark
who shines a light in me
so that I may shine
with her courage. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9

Florida was amazing! It was mid 90's all week! I got the most burnt out of everyone... We were swimming in the pool one day, and everyone was telling me that  I should go put some more sunscreen on because I was looking red... but, I didn't.... so I payed for it later :/ 
We all had a really good time, though, especially at disney. :)

Here are some pictures that I edited of my siblings and me.